Cross Bling Microphone Sleeve 2 Blue & Crystal


This is our Cross Bling Microphone Sleeve Blue & Crystal Rhinestud & Rhinestone sleeve on a black backing for wireless microphones.

Custom Made Microphone Sleeves to YOUR Specifications can be ordered here at Blingcons.

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Product Description


Cross Bling Microphone Sleeve 2 Blue & Crystal by Blingcons.

Thanks for looking at the Cross Bling Microphone Sleeve 2 Blue & Crystal Sleeve by Blingcons.

These sleeves are custom made in our factory made to last.

They are one size fits all for most wireless microphone brands such as Shure, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, etc.

This Bling Sleeve is our Custom Blue and Crystal Cross Rhinestud and Rhinestone sleeve,  the Cross is on the Black backing and in an open rectangle surrounded by Blue Rhinestuds , and easily slips on and off of wireless microphones for use in the professional setting of Churches and Gospel Music functions and Concerts.

These Crystal or Rhinestud sleeves are also available in many other colors such as Red, Blue, Dark Blue, Pink, Silver, Black, Purple, Copper, Green, Orange, Peridot.

Other Custom designs are available upon request, such as those pictured here at

Please check out our wide variety of other bling products that we sell.

Contact us for custom Bling Sleeve Pricing at affordable rates.

Also available are enlarged Mic Clips for use with these Bling Sleeves for $20.00.

We recommend using these with your new Bling Sleeve for smooth performance.

We can produce any quantity you would like to purchase.



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